Bianca Mecweld

Bianca Mecweld

  SPRING  2024

Stockholm based silver jewelry designer drawing inspiration from the elements of nature, weaving dreams and visions into each piece. 

Handcrafted with traditional methods and a lot of love<3

It takes 2-3 weeks upon your order for delivery.
Send an email to
or use the form on this page for requests & questions.

All rings are hand casted in 925 Sterling Silver.

Any gemstones are set after casting and all rings are hand stamped and polished.

If you need to check your ring size, please contact me or check out the info section.

Boost or Balance

The Elements

Wood: Associated with the color green, wood symbolizes growth, creativity, and flexibility.
Fire: Represented by the color red, fire embodies passion, enthusiasm, and transformation. 
Earth: Associated with the color yellow and signifies stability, nurturing, and balance. 
Metal: Metal is linked with the color white or metallic hues and represents strength, clarity, and precision. 
Water: Associated with the color blue or black and symbolizes wisdom, adaptability, and flow. 

Read more about The Elements here.